Development of human resources for health in Tanzania A case study of the MSc in Health Monitoring and Evaluation Program at Mzumbe University

Paul J. Amani (1) , RICHARD NGOWI1 (2) , SANDRA DRATLER (3)
(1) , Tanzania, United Republic of
(2) 1Department of Health Systems Management, Mzumbe University, Morogoro, United Republic of Tanzania , Tanzania, United Republic of
(3) 2School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, California, United States of America , United States



The Mzumbe University MSc Health Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Program, launched in 2013, is aimed at building human resources capacity in Tanzania and East Africa by developing high-caliber M&E professionals to provide leadership in public health systems and the private sector. This case study aimed to describe the process of establishing the program and report results of an interim evaluation.


The program’s innovative curriculum focuses on enabling graduates to implement M&E systems that respond to organizational challenges. Program content was driven by results of a training needs assessment, which sought input from stakeholder organizations. The curriculum is competency-based with content determined by learning objectives established for each course. It is delivered over three academic semesters followed by a fourth semester during which students implement field projects that serve as their master’s dissertations. The program draws on outside faculty and M&E practitioners to assure that student learning is balanced between theory and practice. Graduates are expected to assume influential positions in their workplaces, including public and private health organizations, hospitals, central and local government health authorities as well as international health organizations.


The MSc Health M&E Program at Mzumbe University serves as a model for sustainable human resources for health M&E capacity and development in the East African region and beyond. The interim evaluation validated the success of the methods used in program development and implementation. Student feedback indicates that they have acquired the required skills to serve successfully in M&E leadership positions post-graduation.

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Paul J. Amani (Primary Contact)
Amani, P. J., NGOWI1, R., & DRATLER, S. (2017). Development of human resources for health in Tanzania: A case study of the MSc in Health Monitoring and Evaluation Program at Mzumbe University. Eajahme, 1(1).
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